A Birthday Gift For ML

To see how you can wish ML Happy Birthday and help with Charlie Cat's v-e-t bills, scroll down.

Happy Birthday ML!

Lady, you are so special, and you don't even realize it. Cats all over the world and people too, are so much richer to have you in our lives every day. You keep the Cat Blogsophere going, in spite of overwhelming odds. And what's more, you love it! And you love your cats and our cats and us.

We thought it was pawesome that you ML and Daddy Charley gave Charlie Taylor Sherwood cat a chance after his purrson had to go into hospice. But we were absolutely blown away to hear that you were selling off things of your own so that you can keep him getting the best vet care with the magical Dr. Smith. And we know you still owe a something like squillion green papers for it. All this while Charley has been recovering from the series of strokes he's had recently, keeping the Cat Blogosphere going, and helping so many along the way. Never asking for a penny or pity for any of it. Amazing!

Well, we think you deserve some help. So we're helping out for your Birthday!

We'd have bought you something fancy, but knowing you, you'd rather have vet bills paid, and we know it will help. So a bunch of us cats and beans got together, and started scrounging under sofas for change. And we've come up with a birthday gift or several to help you out. We'll be sending you bux for Charlie cat's vet bills via PayPal from Mom Robyn, direct PayPal, auctions running now and starting soon, and getting up some games for fun in the near future. We'll be running this gift collection through June 1st and other things will be starting throughout the week and beyond (keep an eye on that Cat Realm for beyond hehe) and sending lots of love from all of us.

Miss Peach has proclaimed this ML's Birthday Week Celebration!

We love you, ML. Thanks for being you!
Happy Birthday!

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Welcome to my Cat Blogosphere Friends and friends of ML!

As you probably know by now, ML, aka Momma ML of KC and the Sherwood Bunch, has a birthday tomorrow, Caturday, May 23rd.

What you probably don't know is the lengths that ML and her husband Charley have gone to give Charlie Taylor Sherwood cat a chance after his purrson had to go into hospice. They've sold off possessions of their own so that they can keep him getting the best vet care, and they still owe a something like squillion green papers, which Dr. Smith is allowing them to make payments on.

While being busy selling off things she owned, with her husband Charley recovering from another series of strokes that disabled him years ago, she's kept the Cat Blogosphere blog going, and helped so many cats and people along the way, and she's never once asked for a penny for any of it.

So let's help her out, please.

If you can give a couple of bucks -- it adds up, trust me on that one! -- there are several ways you can help. If bux are too sparse on the ground, I am sharing another way you can help her out that she'd love.For visitors, if you want to give a birthday gift, here's things that would help ML and she would love.

1) Give direct to ML's PayPal for Charlie Cat's vet bills. There's a PayPal button direct to her at Furriends of CB on the top right.

2) Hansel's Auctions for Charlie Cat's vet bills - Go for it! They're to help out too!

3) Give a gift here through Mom Robyn. She's covering the PayPal fees as part of her birthday gift to ML.
Gift for ML Sherwood - for Charlie Cat
4) You can send a check gift direct to ML. Email Mom Robyn at catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT com and I'll get the address to you.

5) You can make a small (or big if you're rich LOL) payment direct the Houston Cat Hospital. Email Mom Robyn at catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT com and I'll get that information to you.

6) Help out at or around the Cat Blogosphere sometime with just plain fun stuff. She would absolutely love it if you'd work with her to do fun contests or something like that. Nothing for money or big prizes, just something like bragging rights and a special badge that would be a blast. She does so much work helping out the blogging cats, that all too often the fun gets set aside. She needs more fun. So ideas for games, contests, treasure hunts, trivia, and help to get them running, she'd love it. Especially if it went on all year long.

7) Darling Millie's Mom is raffling a Gizzy Quilt to help out. The cats loooooooove Gizzy Quilts. And we humans are pretty darned fond of them too. Enter for a chance (or several) to win by May 31st.

8) Commentathons and auctions and all sorts of stuff are sprouting up around the blogosphere and I can't keep track here. Check the Cat Blogosphere daily for more free and inexpensive ways to help.

I'll keep posting new fun and helpful things through June 1, since it's a holiday weekend. So we can all celebrate somewhere along the way.


    On May 22, 2009 at 10:37 AM Anonymous said...

    Mom let us donate some of our allowance! Thanks so much for all you and ML and everybuddy does for the cats and the CB!



    Thanks so much!


    I'm glad I can help out for her. ML does so much for all of us all the time!


    Robyn - Go Girl!
    You're pretty awesome yourself...
    would you email me address of
    the vet/hospital in Houston please;
    I'd like to send something to them.
    Maggy, Zoey, Ann
    at Zoolatry


    What a great idea. I agree you are pretty great too!


    Mom Robyn yoor a sooperwoman! If we could we would send yoo, ML and Auntie Deb on a crooz! We's gonna dig around in da couch and see if anyone dropped any change.


    Lovely idea. mum and I are glad to help. Please let us know if any other help needed. we think the blogger are brilliant, we all pull together..

    Hugs Ginger Jasper x


    What a fab idea! Digging down the back and sides of the sofa now... :) xxx


    Just when I needed some green papers for ML's purrfday, guess what? My sofa yielded up it's secret stash, so I've Paypalled them to you :) xxx


    Mom Robyn what a fantastic lady you are! Thank you for spearheading this operation Birthday Surprise. We have made a nice necklace and ear rings for our dear ML and it is flying (literally) down to Texas now. We also have decided to have a nice give away on our blog next Monday. For each comment left we will donate 25 cents to ML for Charlie Cat's Vet bill. Plus we will have an auckshon with some wonderful jewelry and cute cat things next week also. This is all in honor of ML's Birthday Week Celebration. That is what we are calling it. We will also challenge any cat to match final donations on the comments for the give away...who knows, someone might take us up on that challenge!
    God Bless you ladies all so richly for the love you spread around this community!
    Your adoring cozy cottage dwellers! XOXOXOXOX


    miss robyn, we's sorry, but we's just plumb tapped out in the found-laundry-money department. BUT we has poked mom's conscience really, really hard an' she's giffin' up somma her day huntin' moneys onna charlie taylor paypal button. (we tol' her it was time she did somma the coughin' up coin routine!)

    you is furry special to us, too, miss robyn--we are glad YOU are around the cat blogosphere, too!!

    ed, nitro, an' xingxing


    We just sent our donation! Thanks for doing this!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


    Thank you so much Mom Robyn for doing this and for all that you and ML do for the CB! We just know she's gonna love this :)


    Mom let me donate a little bit to help out ML and Charlie Cat. I wish I could do so much more!

    Thank you for all that you and ML both do for the CB.


    ((((((((((((BIG warm kitty hugs and tail wags to you Mom Robyn!!!!))))))) What a wonderful idea!! We are sending a little something to ML and we sent her a cute Video e-card for her birthday!! Thanks for all you both do!!
    Your FL furiends,


    Happy Birthday ML!

    And thank you all :) Yay for all of yall too! None of us could do it alone :)


    Pee Ess Gang, if I don't have you on the list, please do let me know. You can email me at catsnmom AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT com
    (I can do typos like a demon and I'd hate to leave anyone out!)


    This is a great idea.Both you and ML do so much for all the kitties on the CB.
    We have emailed you cuz we had a problem wiv the paypal button. Fink it might be cuz we are in the Yookay, but it yooshully works okay.


    Happy Birthday to ML!


    What agrate ideer! I will ask Mombean and Blu Cat Man if we can make donation to ML for Charley's vet bills.


    Oh good heavens to betsy! We shall post a wunnerful Dorfington Fish Stanley Ham-mick to be auctioned off on owr website for Charly the poodin's V-E-T bills. Yessiree! Oh this is wunnerful to help out ML and her fambly!

    Happiest of Purrfdays to ML!

    Luf, Us


    What a great idea! We just donated via the Paypal button, it worked OK for us.

    Fat Eric and Kate


    Happy Birthday to ML! This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for doing it. The PayPal button worked for us.

    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus


    Not The Mama said we could sended some green papers, too.
    Daphne, Chloe, Spooker, Jazper,
    Little Isis and Pete Underfeet


    Happy Birthday ML - I think Mom just paypaled.

    On May 23, 2009 at 6:12 PM Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthday ML! We had the Lady send something too, and we hope to send more soon.